Minoan City Theme Park


Minoan City, will be the first Historical Park in the World.

Our city will be build In the same land that Minoans lived 3.500 years ago,with the same designs and material, presenting the first civilization in the world

The Minoan

In Minoan City, the guest will experience the splendor of the Minoan civilization , seeing the Minoans in their everyday Life, and live up close the secret rituals in interactive events , and historical representations


At the same time, it will be a place that families will be able to relax and enjoy unique theme rides , buy handmade Jewellery or ceramics in the market or taste the genuine Minoan and Cretan cuisine in the Restaurants with a view to Cretan Sea .


Hotels , Golf Courses , conference centers and recreation areas are only few of the things of our future plans that will make Minoan City one of the First destination in Mediterranean sea

Factors of success

The best climate conditions in Mediterranean , will allow our park to operate all year

Almost 7 months with average temperature 25-35, and 5 months with average temperature 15-25 , make the city of Rethymno the ideal place for our City park


Arrivals in Crete (Ships +Airports) Average per year 7.500.000 visitors

Residents 620.000

At this point in time,

  • We have secured the ideal land with all the necessary permits from the Authorities
  • We have a full presentation of the project for the investors together with a feasibility pre-study and a virtual 3d graphics of the park
  • We have found the majority of the companies that will construct the Theme attractions together with the company that will create the recreation of the Bull leaping for first time after 3.000 years
  • We have ensured the support from the local authorities