Creta Experience

Understanding the growing demand for high technology shows around the world, we created a thematic ride that will enable the visitor to feel that he is present in the most important mythological and historical events of Crete.

At CRETA EXPERIENCE, the visitor will board the most modern simulation platform, experiencing the unprecedented sense of a flight over time.


The birth of Jupiter, the rapture of Europe, the tour of Knossos Palace, the bullfighting , the acquaintance with the Minotaur, the eruption of the Santorini volcano and the destruction of the Minoan city of Knossos are some of the amazing events that will live


The space we have chosen is 2,300 square meters and is located in the centre of Heraklion, Crete.

The unique location of Crete Experience , in the heart of Heraklion city , across to the central Bus terminal, that serves more than 3.000.000 passengers every year ,5 min walk from the entrance of the port (361.220 coastal – ferries traffic 2018* + 298.000 cruise visitors **), 10 min walk from the archeological Museum ( 545.870 visitors 2018 * ) and 50 meters from the the terminal for the bus to the Airport,  (3.120.510 passengers 2018***) is some of the factors of success

The region of  Heraklion is the biggest in Crete , with 400.000 residents, and the biggest port and Airport in Crete.


Based of the Euromonitor international ,Top 100 destination rankings WTM 2017 London edition , the city of  Heraklion is ranked No 66 with more than 3,2 million guests and growth 11,2 % from 2016

The company’s goal is to attract at least 10% of the guests visiting Crete every year and from the 400,000 local residents, something that is feasible considering that approximately more than 800,000 people visit every year the palace of Knossos.(837.462 visitors 2018 * )

*Info from Hellenic Statistical Authority (

**info from HellenicPort Association (

***Info from civil Aviation Authority (



The ‘’Crete Experience ‘’ will have as key ride is a 7d theatre in which the visitors will experience an interactive media production of the history of Minoan Crete , the Legends the city of Knossos, as it was before the disaster and the famous Bull leaping (the first sport in the world) 

This immersive theater will provide the opportunity to see all historical highlights while enjoying the latest video mapping and project technology supported by an interactive and educational preshow delivering super realism and fantastic entertainment as never seen before. This attraction becomes the must see attraction for every tourist, every Greek family and for every visitor to learn about the ancient Greek attractions and experience the real Greek identity from a whole new perspective